The Demolitionist Pty Ltd
Specialising In Deconstruction & Safety

About Us

About Us
The Demolitionist Pty Ltd. is a company that specialises in the removal of asbestos, specifically working for residence and contractors. The company uses its own methods to remove asbestos which follows the Code of Practice on how to safely remove asbestos given by Safe Work (Work Health & Safety). Essentially, we implement our strategic methods to also manage and control asbestos in the workplace. Our number one interest for our clients is to ensure the safety of the removal. Secondly to ensure we give our clients the best “DEAL” in relation to the work of being Cheap, Fast, Clean and to give you our honest and quality service we can provide.
The removal of asbestos legally requires the company to acquire licences which allows the removal of asbestos. Asbestos is split into two categories Class A being (Friable) and Class B being (Non-Friable) each licence specifically and legally allows the company to conduct work in these types of asbestos. Our company complies with New South Wales Consolidated Regulations of Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011. We assure we have read, understood and implemented our work safety methods in relation to the New South Wales Consolidated Regulations of Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011.

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

The company does not only specialise with asbestos, we also specialise in hand demolition. This includes demolition and removal of materials during renovation or before complete demolition & excavation. We remove roofs, demolish brick walls and demolition required in factories, commercial and corporate buildings.
Our workers. We assure you our workers are well trained and highly equipped to provide you with excellent work to remove asbestos. We are strongly equipped to handle any work thrown at us and have good relationships with third party agencies and organisation to support any type of work load which requires asbestos removal or hand demolition work.